Pulsar | Digital Night Vision Attachment Forward F455

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SKU: pul-78186

A Digital Night Vision Attachment is a device that mounts in line with a standard daytime riflescope allowing it to be used in dusk, twilight and night time without having to reset zero or unmount said daytime riflescope from the firearm. Since there is no need for a dedicated night time rifle, the setup also maintains the same ballistics and rifle ergonomics.

Keeping the exact same eye relief and pupil extraction of the daytime scope are also additional advantages of a DNVA, provided the device is of the front-mounted type.

Enter the Pulsar Forward F series, the newest and most advanced Digital Night Vision Attachments from the European manufacturer.

Available in two models, the F135 and F155, the Forward F is meant to be mounted in front of a daytime riflescope using an adapter tube clamp with a bayonet-type quick mount. The Forward F is built using Pulsar’s unified architecture design philosophy, and includes video recording and a Wi-Fi module, for video streaming to smartphones or internet including live direct streaming to YouTube, using the free Stream-Vision app.