Guide | Sensmart | IR510 N1 Nano | Thermal Monocular

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The Guide Sensmart IR510 N1 Handheld Thermal Imager can be connected to your smartphone APP via Wi-Fi, the new IR510 series can be remote controlled to display synchronously, take photos and videos.

It provides superior image, longer detection range and advanced algorithm, helping to pick up the targets.

Features Guide Sensmart:

• Wi-Fi for remote control, to display synchronously, take photos and videos

• Imaging better, detect further, highlight the target easier

• With its small pocket size and ergonomic design allows you to scan vast areas for long periods of time without arm fatigue

• Built-in battery life up to 5h, external power supply available

• The length is 16cm, weight is about 350g

• It is wrapped in rubber to prevent from rain, dust, shock

• Easy operation with only three buttons, silent and lightproof design to prevent exposure

• IP66 protection and 1m drop test passed to suit outdoors use

• Standard analogue video output interfaces

• Standard Micro USB interface for data transmission and charging

• Adjust the diopter to improve the sharpness of the image for different users